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Exclusive Limited Edition DVD Documentary Following The Events And People Involved In
The Conferment of the Honorary Freedom of The Borough of Douglas Upon The Bee Gees.
Exclusive DVD Features:
  • Footage of the formal procedings in the Council Chamber and informal post-ceremony reception;
  • The Ballacottier School choir singing 'Roll Away' written by Davy Knowles;
  • Footage from 1997 of Bernie Quayle interviewing the Bee Gees in Miami;
  • ITV footage of the Bee Gees singing 'Ellan Vannin';
  • Local recording artist Anna Goldsmith performing a version of the Bee Gees' hit 'Night Fever';
  • Narrated by Christine Collister who also interviews Barry and Robin Gibb, Council Leader David Christian, Borough Engineer & Surveyor Ian Clague, the artist who created the illuminated address Colleen Corlett and Ballacottier school music teacher Katie Lawrence;
  • Slideshow of photographs from the ceremony;
  • Full colour 20-page commemorative brochure and postcard featuring the illuminated address.

This is just a short preview of the limited edition DVD.
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‘Freedom’ captures the excitement and atmosphere of July 10, 2009, the day when two of the world’s best known figures in popular music, Barry and Robin Gibb, together with their mother and family members, came to Douglas Town Hall to attend the conferment ceremony.

The brothers’ arrival at the Town Hall, the Ballacottier School choir singing ‘Roll Away’, the formal proceedings in the Council Chamber and the informal post-ceremony reception all feature in the DVD. Narration is by singer/songwriter Christine Collister who interviews Barry and Robin Gibb, Council Leader David Christian, Borough Engineer and Surveyor Ian Clague, the artist who created the Bee Gees’ unique illuminated address, Colleen Corlett and Ballacottier School’s music teacher Katie Lawrence.

Also on the DVD is footage from an interview broadcaster Bernie Quayle conducted with the Bee Gees in Miami in 1997, the Bee Gees singing Ellan Vannin in ITV’s ‘An Audience With…’, a version of the Bee Gees’ hit ‘Night Fever’ sung by local recording artist Anna Goldsmith and a slideshow of photographs from the event. The DVD package is completed by a commemorative 20-page full colour brochure and postcard of the illuminated address.

Council Leader David Christian said: ‘July 10 was a fantastic day in the Council’s history, so we are enormously excited about this DVD. It has been several months in the making and has proved to be a real triumph of co-operation to bring all the diverse elements together. Robin and Barry Gibb and their management companies have been fully supportive of the project from day one as they see it complementing the Bee Gees’ 50th anniversary celebrations this year and their retrospective CD compilation packages due for release in November.

‘The finished product is outstanding. The “Freedom” DVD not only reflects the high esteem in which the Council holds the Bee Gees but also will promote Douglas and the Isle of Man to a truly global audience.’

Priced £19.99 the limited edition ‘Freedom’ DVD is available to personal shoppers at the cashiers’ office at Douglas Town Hall in Ridgeway Street, (cash and debit cards only) and the Henry Bloom Noble Library in Victoria Street, Douglas, (cash only). Online and telephone sales are available through Duke Marketing Limited,
Telephone +44 (0)1624 640000
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